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Ban Damage:
Deaths, Injuries, Rape, and more!

How many people have to die or be hurt before the Antis realize that smoking bans are a bad idea, and dangerous to people? There are thousands of other victims with injuries from smoking bans that never reach the media.

What is the exact "body count" the Antis are waiting for? Would they please apologize to these people, and the grieving families for putting their lives and their loved ones into harms way? Would you like to explain to a child whose Mommy or Daddy will not be coming home that you don't like the smell of smoke? Tell someone that their spouse or child is dead because you didn't want people to do something legal in a place you never go to anyway?

If the Antis don't like to be around smoke, they should use their freedom of choice to not enter a building where the owner has decided to allow it. They should not be allowed to push their will on others at the expense of human life.

... Direct Hate Crimes Against Smokers
... Harm From Hate Against Smokers
... Harm Resulting From Antismoking Laws, Taxes, and Bans

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The Smokers' Graveyard
In Memory of some of the smokers driven to their deaths by smoking bans.

New York: A bouncer at a Manhattan nightclub died after he was stabbed in a brawl that police said began when he tried to enforce the city's new ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. Dana Blake, 32, died about 11 hours after the late-night fight in an East Village nightclub.

New York: Cody Knox, 17, died with a trail of his blood, after the knife found his throat. Beyond hope when the ambulance arrived, the medics could do no more than cover the corpse, wait for the cops to finish and haul the young man's remains away.

New York: Sherwin Henry, 23, who was re-selling cigarettes bought in bulk from a Long Island Indian reservation, was fatally shot in the head on the rooftop of an East New York, Brooklyn, apartment building on Nov. 19.

Florida: Boy, Shane Michael Farrell, 13, dies in beating on street. The 15-year-old boy was being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Daytona Beach on a second-degree murder charge. Authorities could not say if he would be tried as an adult.

Utah: A teenager was murdered for smoking in downtown Salt Lake City. Hard-core members of Straight Edge have a terroristic bent that make them potentially more lethal than traditional street gangs, police say.

Africa: Baby sister killed in brothers' anti smoking crossfire. 3 Year Old Girl Dies In Smoking Ban War. The girl was shot in the head while her brothers argued about smokers rights.

Colorado: Courtney Chinn, 25, of Colorado Springs was shot and killed in an area near the Anchor Lounge where smokers congregate on September 20, 2003. The crime remains unsolved. Calantino said he believes the problem of crime outside of bars where smokers gather will persist.

Ohio: Man Beaten To Death For Not Giving Up Cigarette. Ricardo Leon, 23, died after being beaten outside Partners Pub on Dennison Avenue on Cleveland’s west side.

Canada: The Tragedy of Kenny Kim. Kenny Kim was killed. Ten days ago, as he was closing the shop on a Friday night, an attacker stabbed him several times in the stomach and left him on the floor, where he died in a pool of blood. "A cigarette is like a piece of gold."

Canada: Stabbed bartender dies. Forty-nine-year-old Jayantha Peiris died at Sunnybrook Hospital of stab wounds after a dispute with three young patrons.

Africa: Man Gunned Down. A drinker has taken offence to a fellow drinker lighting up a cigarette in a pub and went to extreme measures to stop him - he shot the smoker in the head, killing him.

UK: 'Devil' man killed wife and two sons over her smoking. John Jarvis, 42, stabbed his wife Patricia in the heart and then murdered their sons, John, 11, and Stuart, eight, so they could join her. More.

Massachusetts: Smoking Student Killed. A 20-year-old Mattapoisett man died from head and internal injuries after falling from a balcony at a party in Mission Hill.

UK: A female backpacker fell 100 feet to her death from the roof of a hostel early yesterday. The 20-year-old Canadian plunged six storeys into a lane at around 3am. One theory is that she climbed on to the flat roof of the no-smoking Edinburgh Backpackers hostel for a cigarette. The girl was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary with head and body injuries and declared dead on arrival. (6/8/04)

UK: Boy smoker hanged himself. A 12-year-old boy hanged himself with his school tie rather than admit to his parents that he had been caught smoking, an inquest heard yesterday. David Arnett received a "severe ticking off" from his form tutor at Cavendish School in Eastbourne, East Sussex, who smelled smoke and found a packet of cigarettes. She gave him 24 hours in which to tell his parents, Jane and Robert, after which she said she would tell them. Davis told a friend his parents would be ashamed, and hours later hanged himself from his bedroom door handle as his father prepared dinner.

Wisconsin: Girl kills herself after being caught with a cigarette. May 19, 1999, was the day seventh-grader Timijane Martin was suspended for having a cigarette in her locker in Shawano Community Middle School in Shawano, Wis. It was also the day Timijane committed suicide.

Louisiana: Pregnant woman shot over cigarette. 18-year-old refused to stop smoking. One local man took matters into his own hands early Friday when, according to police, he shot an expectant mother who refused to put out her cigarette.

New York: A 25-year-old Bronx man, whose name was withheld, was shot at 1304 Miriam Ave. in another turf war.

New York: Desmond Jordan, 34, was shot twice allegedly by William Giddens, 45, last May 17 in front of 24 Humboldt St. in yet another battle.

Colorado: Bar Owner Blames Smoking Ban For Rape. A Pueblo bar owner says the smoking ban that forced his female employee outside is directly responsible for her rape.

NJ: Smokers Raped.Reward posted in rape. cases. Two Camden businesses are offering $25,000 for convictions in recent attacks. A woman working at a shop near Sixth and Cooper Streets was robbed and raped Thursday morning by a man who followed her into the store after she had taken a cigarette break.

Texas: Date Rape Pill Put in Drink, While Going Outside for Cigarette. Maria says she and two other friends stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. She says it was during that time that someone spiked her drink.

Texas: Smoker Violence. Two Everman police officers who asked a man and woman who were smoking to leave a high school football game Friday night ended up in a violent melee as dozens of young people converged on the scene.

Ireland: Three men had jaws broken as they smoked outside pubs in Sligo, Kilkenny and Dublin.

UK: Teen gang beat man after he refused to give them a cigarette. Police say the victim, believed to be in his 40's, was left with a suspected fractured eye socket and cuts and bruises all over his body.

Ireland: Hotel worker assaulted after stopping smoker. Gardaí have begun an investigation into an alleged disturbance at a Limerick hotel, resulting from the smoking ban. A worker at the hotel is believed to have been assaulted when he asked a member of the public to stop smoking at closing time. Gardaí were called but the culprit had fled.

Canada:  On July 28,2004, a 57-year-old Mac's Milk clerk in the Davisville area was stabbed several times in the chest — for cash and cigarettes. On Tuesday, at another Mac's Milk in Don Mills, a clerk was pistol-whipped and locked in a freezer, again for cash and cigarettes.

Massachusetts: Melissa Pierce and Angela Aiello, after leaving the bar to smoke, were struck in the heads with a metal pipe. Richard Jervah of Lynn was pushed through a plate glass window. Arthur Brestovitsky was stabbed in the chest, face, and arm.

Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh. A clerk in the Giant Eagle on Route 30 was assaulted Thursday by robbers who tried to make off with two cartons of cigarettes.

Maine: Smoking privileges have become a volatile issue at Augusta Mental Health Institute, where violence flared up recently after patients demanded more opportunities to smoke. Four AMHI employees went to a hospital after being injured May 4 in a scuffle that they said was triggered by a forensic patient's demand to smoke more and be left alone while smoking.

UK: A hospital is to relax its strict ban on smoking after patients and relatives flouted the rules, causing 11 fires last year.

Australia:  An 11-year-old boy was burned, attackers stubbing a cigarette on his stomach for commenting on the dangers of smoking.

Canada: An inmate was stabbed during a prison riot over smoking bans in a jail at Renous, New Brunswick.

Florida: Father Stabs Son Over Cigarette. Family members, including Anderson's mother and other children, were in the vehicle at the time.

Alabama: Smoker Attacked. He was standing in a parking lot, smoking a cigarette when he was attacked.

Canada: Man dies in smoking area. The day after at PCVS: Shock and questions.

New Zealand: Woman Assaulted Upholding Ban. Three were charged with disorderly behaviour and a fourth with assaulting police and resisting arrest.

Ohio: Man killed over missing pack of cigarettes. Two Men Face Charges In Beating Death Of Homeless Man. Prosecutor: Death Was A Hate Crime.

Canada: Man Shot In Smoking Argument. A 39-year-old man asked his neighbour not to smoke in the hallway. He was shot in the leg below the knee.

Florida: Smoker Attacked & Raped. The attacker dragged the victim upstairs and threatened to kill her if she called police.

Massachusetts: Smoking Teen Shot. He was shot at least five times while smoking a cigarette in front of 113 Green St.

New Hampshire: Clerk Attacked Over Cigar. A customer, irate at the cost of a cigar, hit a 7-Eleven store clerk in the face with a metal display rack Monday night, seriously injuring him, police said. "His face is totally destroyed," she said. Thapa said both his upper and lower lips were split, requiring stitches, and two front teeth were knocked out in the assault.

New Zealand: Abduction And Rape Of Smoking Woman. The incident proved people would be more vulnerable if they had to go outside and smoke, something Prime Minister Helen Clark had not thought of, he said.

More Ban Damage:
New York. Officer accused of hitting smoking teen.
California. Two police cadets forced to eat tobacco.
Tennessee. Couple sue over police assault from cigarette incident.
Virginia. Series of tobacco product tampering resulting in burn injuries.
New York. 60 year old man beaten unconscious for smoking.
Illinois. Assault and battery of a woman who was eight months pregnant.
California. Woman tortured her daughter over cigarettes.
Violence against persons who smoke is a direct result of federal and state actions to aggressively promote intolerance against a "target group" in order to achieve government tax and mandate policy objectives.

India: Three passengers threw a 24-year-old man out of a running train on December 26, 2004, after he protested against their smoking in the compartment.

Pennsylvania: Woman brutally assaulted when boyfriend caught her lying about smoking cigarettes. He later killed himself.

Italy: Restaurant owner dies over ban. A pizzeria owner in Turin died of a heart attack after a brawl with three inebriated clients who refused to stub out cigarettes.

Tennessee: School Bus Driver Shot. A 14-year-old boy was charged with shooting a school bus driver to death as she drove her morning route yesterday. A relative of the driver said she had reported the boy a day earlier for using smokeless tobacco on the bus.

Illinois: Smoker Falls To Death. Ian Honeycutt, 28, of Glenview, tumbled from a ninth-floor apartment, blown off a window sill by a gust of wind while smoking. His aunt asked him not to smoke inside, police sources said.

California Smoker Gunned Down. A gunman fatally shot a man outside a sports bar in unincorporated Hayward as the man took a cigarette break, authorities said Friday.

California smoker beaten to death. He refused to hand over a cigarette.

Australia: Man Assaults Daughter Over Smoking. Throwing her against a wall and repeatedly kicking her after an argument about her smoking.

Kansas: A request for a cigarette apparently led to the shooting death of a former high school track athlete in Wichita.

Rhode Island: A 79-year-old man faces a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly slapping his 84-year-old wife when he discovered she had been smoking. A neighbor reported that it sounded like "he was slapping the hell out of her."

Texas: Robber beats up store owner over cigarettes. "The [robber] used his fists and other objects to hit her in the face and head," Roberts said.

United Kingdom: Child attacked for smoking. An 11-YEAR-OLD boy was attacked outside a youth cafe by a man aged 36 - for smoking.

Wales: Girl Dies Trying to Hide Smell of Smoke. She died in hospital a week later, reportedly after suffering a haemorrhage in her throat.

OH: Man beaten to death. A 50-year-old South Toledo man who lived in a vegetative state in a Fostoria nursing home for nearly two years after he was brutally beaten for a pack of cigarettes died yesterday.

NY: Cig Seller Feud Ends In Death. A dispute between two cigarette sellers led to a slap and a Macing, then escalated to a stabbing that left one of the vendors, a father of a newborn, dead.

MA Police said two of the three men were charged with assault with intent to murder.

Canada.  Beaten by butt bummer. While Hogg lay on the ground, his assailant kicked him twice in the back before fleeing.

Canada.  Slain man linked to smuggling. More Canadian Damage.

FL Wheelchair bandit, 2 pals steal $4,700 in cigarettes from Broward store.

KS Cigarette Violence.  Wichita Convenience Stores Targeted By Cigarette Robbers.

Toronto.  30 smash and grab robbery incidents in the area since January.

Winnipeg.  Cops are seeking a man who robbed a service station at knifepoint.

Massachusetts. Smoke, coffee seen as weapons. A man smoking a cigarette reported that a woman threw a cup of hot coffee on him, claiming that he was "assaulting" her with his secondhand smoke.

Canada. A savage hammer attack that nearly killed a Hawke's Bay tobacconist may have gone unnoticed because of smoking laws that restrict shop facades.

NY. The victim sustained cuts and bruises to his head, arms and hands in robbery.

Canada. The clerk was stabbed in the left arm and shoulder in robbery.

Canada. Police stun gun smoker at Tim Hortons.

Scotland: First Death From Scotland Ban. Jim Donachie, 85 died from hitting his head going outside to smoke.

Scotland: Barman attacked for enforcing smoke ban.

UK: Smoker bullied to death. Anthony McDermott, 50, left a letter explaining his factory floor ordeal before hanging himself.

Bulgaria: A 54-year-old woman has been stabbed to death by her husband after an alleged brawl over the new hikes in cigarette prices.

NY: Man Shoots To Kill When Can't Smoke. Henry is out on bail for another shooting in June at a restaurant nearby.

CA: A 21-year-old woman was stabbed several times early Saturday outside a Carlsbad home when she went outside to smoke a cigarette, police said.

TX: Man Stabs Brother Over Smoking In Home.

UK: Nurse stabbed to death at hospital in an outside smoking area.

Ireland: Eamonn Mulvenna, 20 year old victim died when he fell from a fire escape being used as a smoking area because of the ban.

UK: A 16-year-old boy has been convicted of manslaughter after fatally stabbing Simon Davies, 26, in a row over cigarettes.

UK: A man was stabbed when he asked a group of up to 20 youths to stop smoking on a bus, police said.

Canada: Armed-robbery suspect arrested in classroom. Saunders said the robber had threatened the gas bar clerk with a handgun and made off with a quantity of cigarettes.

Canada: Man stabbed after quarrel over smoking at bus stop.

Canada: Two more clerks held at gunpoint for cigarette robberies.

Canada: A Pointe aux Trembles gas station attendant was stabbed several times in the back by a robber last night. Police say the 41-year-old clerk at the station at Notre Dame St. E. and 54th St. had offered no resistance before the bandit attacked him, then demanded the contents of the cash register and cigarettes.

Canada: A 56 year old Vietnam war veteran was wrestled to the ground, opening a gash in his forehead, and cuffed by hospital security staff in a dispute over a cigarette.

Oklahoma: A 19 year old woman was, attacked for no reason while smoking a cigarette.

New York: Bonanno soldier to be tried in '05 Little Italy beatdown. The city's ban on smoking in public places sparked a bloody brawl between mobsters from rival gangs that left one wiseguy permanently brain-damaged and another facing up to 15 years in prison.

Canada: A man dies in a smoking shelter collapse.

PA: Two injured in awning collapse.

WA: Nightclub bouncers stabbed smoking patrons.

Canada: A 65 year old smoker dies out in the cold.

UK: Father beats his 12 year old child for smoking a cigarette.

MN: Bar patron shot 3 times when bouncer not there due to ban loss budget cuts.

NY: Bouncer kills a smoker with a pool cue.

New Zealand: A 40 year old woman bit and assaulted a woman for smoking a cigarette.

IN: Prisoners stage a 2 hour riot, two staff members were injured and fires were set.

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More Ban Damage in the news.

Businesses Harmed by Smoking Bans: Anti-smoking organizations insist that bans are somehow good for people in hospitality businesses. This chart shows otherwise. These businesses have lost a significant portion of their business as a direct result of smoking bans. Many are closed. Many that are still open have told us they doubt they'll survive much longer. Other sources report Loss of Business.